Master the concepts of Elastic Stack (ELK) to prepare for the ELK Stack certification. ELK is a robust Open source tool offering the capability of a search engine. Utilizing these tools deep dive into the data using Big data. The world is progressing towards digital world this means big data will play a vital role. Data search, big data and analytics will persist to grow

Over the past few years Big Data is widely prevalent due to a change in the volume pattern of information and the methods of extracting it from data. ELK is one among the contemporary frameworks capable of managing Big Data demands and scale.

Have you ever searched for products based on its description to discover results on the web page that have same type of product. How is it done? The text is searched in a backend database for which a search tool is used. Wouldn’t you like to use a search tool that will do similar tasks effortlessly? Elasticsearch is one of such tool. In this course, our focal point is on such kind of search engine - The Elasticsearch that is one among the essential element of the ELK stack. You will explore the technology behind such search tool.

Accelerate your career in the field of search engines, analysis and visualization a role that will meet your career expectations. Professionals who are working in this field can expect a remarkable salary, with the median salary for data scientists being $118,000. Even those who are at the entry level will find high salaries, with average earnings of $95,000. As more and more companies realize the need for specialists in big data and analytics, the number of these jobs will continue to grow. Around 70% of data scientists consider there is currently a shortage of professionals working in the field.

Learn advanced technology behind ELK such as Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana that will just work to enhance your career. 
JPA Solutions offers certification programme in ELK Stack through online and live mentored sessions on weekends. Get a certification after completing the training period with 100% confidence and hands on experience

Who can learn?

  • Programmers and Infrastructure engineers
  • Mobile and Web App Developers
  • Software Architects
  • System Administrators

What is your take away?

  • Understand the features and functionality of ElasticSearch
  • Manipulate data using Big data

Prime factors of training

  • Span of the course is 50 hours
  • Hands-on training
  • Certified and industry experienced trainers
  • Training on real time projects
  • Mock examination
  • Certification guidance

Course Coverage

  • Introduction to ELK
  • Concepts of Big Data
  • Elasticsearch pre-requisites
  • Deploy AWS EC2 instances
  • Connect to AWS EC2 instances
  • Install, configure Elasticsearch packages
  • Explore Elasticsearch API editor
  • Install Head plugin for Elasticsearch
  • Explore Sense plugin for Elasticsearch
  • Retrieve data from Elasticsearch
  • Elasticsearch indexing
  • Elasticsearch search queries
  • Elasticsearch advanced features
  • Elasticsearch CAT APIs
  • Elasticsearch scalability
  • Practical session to implement Elasticsearch, work with example scenarios