Want to learn Linux to control most of the servers on the internet in this modern world. But don't know where to get trained in Chennai? Then Don't worry, JPA Solutions has quickly got you covered. In this Linux Training program, you will learn how to master the Linux command line to reach your final destination in your programming Career.

We've carefully built this special training module for all the beginners who are striving to make their mark on the Linux servers. This special course has been developed for beginners who have no experience with Linux configurations, commands and its systems.

In this particular course, you will learn all the information about the Linux systems from installing, troubleshooting, configuration, and command line interface as well. If you are keen to make the mark in web knowledge and foundations means this Linux command line is the key. I am saying that because almost 60% of systems and servers still use Linux in this modern world.

If you don't know about the Linux systems and command line means don't worry, you'll learn about that in the content below. Along with that, you will also check out the career opportunities and training topics.

What is Linux?

Linux is one of the most famous words in this world of the internet. You might often hear about the Linux and UNIX systems quite often but if you still don't know what Linux means. Linux is a unique open source operating system which was modeled especially on UNIX. Today almost 60-70% servers are relying on this Linux command lines to configure and set up servers. Linux is supported by lots of operating systems around the world.

Presently Linux is one of the leading operating systems in the world, and almost all the mainframe computers are using this Linux software and command line. In recent surveys, it has stated that servers which are running from Linux generate one and two -thirds of all the web pages on the internet. So, learning Linux command line and systems are always vital in career development.

Points to Remember

  • Most of the companies always choose Linux systems for their servers mainly because it is secure and has a large community of users as well.
  • Most of the devices which you probably know and use all runs on Linux Command line. Devices such as Android phones, Cameras, Wearables, digital storage devices and more all run on the Linux command line.
  • Linus Torvalds created Linux open source OS in 1991. Since then all are using this Linux system for their business and servers.

Career Opportunities

Linux platform is definitely having lots of jobs which are ready to take up by the freshers and developers through the world. The hiring of this open source has been increased tremendously as most of the present-day servers are working on the Linux Command Line. You can quickly get hired by the topmost company if you have enough skill set on Linux. So, try to dominate the Linux command line and get employed by a topmost company with ease.

What you will learn in Linux Training Program

Linux Training Program in Chennai

In this specially designed Linux course, we have included all the topics that are needed. We have crafted this for beginners who don't have enough experience on the Linux framework and command line. You will learn all the necessary topics which are required for you to shine in your Linux Career.

  • Introduction: Learn about the basic core concepts of Linux briefly in this class.
  • Developer Fundamentals: In this lesson, you will brush up your knowledge on all the developer fundamentals.
  • Servers: Learn about building the servers with the Linux open source system.
  • Command line: Learn about the basics of the command line module in this course along with that you will also learn about the command line techniques.
  • System Administration: You will learn about how to manage your system with ease with the help of command line.
  • Installing: Learn how to install the Linux Os on your system and how to configure them.
  • Troubleshooting: You will learn about the troubleshooting techniques in this course.
  • System Security: Learn about the security options and managing options in this course of Linux systems.

Along with these, you will learn more advanced topics in this helpful course of Linux from JPA Solutions in Chennai.